How much do quarry operatives in Nottingham get paid?

Quarry operatives in Nottingham earn

£10.00-16.90 per hour

Based on 53 employee reviews

Quarry operative salaries can range between £10.00-16.90 per hour in the Nottingham area. This data is based on quiz results from 53 employees who live in and around Nottingham.

What do top employers pay quarry operatives?

Who are the top quarry operative employers?

  1. Mars
  2. Nestlé
  3. Foxs Biscuits

Who are the worst quarry operative employers?

  1. Adventure Island
  2. Morrisons
  3. Eurocell

Recent quarry operative Jobs in Nottingham

  1. Machine Operator at Thorn Baker Group posted 17 days ago
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How are people paid?

By the hour 91% of people report they get paid by the hour.

Based on 53 employees

What contracts are people on?

Full time 89% report having full time contracts. (more than 35 hours)

Based on 47 employees

What do quarry operatives do?

Machine operators have the job of using machines and specialist equipment.

Machines are used in all sorts of industries. You can find machine operators:

  • In factories
  • On construction sites

This type of job might involve:

  • Using and operating machines to make, assemble and move things
  • Checking all the machines on-site are safe to use

What machines you’ll use depends on what type of company you work for.

If you work in construction, you might use:

  • Excavators, bulldozers, fork-lift trucks, cranes and dump trucks

If you work in a factory, you might use:

  • Drills, industrial ovens, mixers and specialised equipment

If you want to apply for a machine operator job, you might need the following:

If you work in construction, you’ll also need a Construction Skills Certificate Scheme (CSCS) card.

You can also train on-the-job to be a machine operator if you are a groundworker.

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