How much do patient administrators in Sheffield get paid?

Patient administrators in Sheffield earn

£8.83–12.58 per hour

Based on 156 employee reviews

Patient administrator salaries can range between £8.83–12.58 per hour in the Sheffield area. This data is based on survey results from 156 employees who live in an around Sheffield.

What do top employers pay patient administrators?

Who are the worst patient administrator employers?

  1. Lookers
  2. HC One
  3. Hertfordshire County Council

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What contracts are people on?

2% report having zero hours contracts
55% report having part time contracts (16-35 hours)
43% report having full time contracts (more than 35 hours)

Based on 47 employees

How are people paid?

by the hour
an annual salary

Based on 156 employees

What do patient administrators employees do?

Administrators have the job of supporting people who work in an office.

They tend to work in offices and receptions.

Other names for administrators are:

  • Admin assistants
  • Administrative assistants
  • Office administrators
  • Admin support assistants
  • Clerks

This type of job might involve:

  • Greeting visitors
  • Being a point of contact for a certain department or business
  • Answering queries on the phone, over email or on social media
  • Typing up reports and documents
  • Updating records
  • Printing off or photocopy documents
  • Arranging travel and hotel bookings
  • Arranging meetings and any catering that is needed
  • Taking notes during meetings
  • Ordering office and stationery supplies

This is an entry level job.

If you want to apply for an administrator job, you might need the following:

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