How much do mechanics in Bristol get paid?

Mechanics in Bristol earn

£7.59-17.71 per hour

Based on 59 employee reviews

Mechanic salaries can range between £7.59-17.71 per hour in the Bristol area. This data is based on quiz results from 59 employees who live in and around Bristol.

What do top employers pay mechanics?

Who are the top mechanic employers?

  1. BAE Systems
  2. Multimatic
  3. Rolls-Royce

How are people paid?

by the hour
an annual salary

Based on 59 employees

What contracts are people on?

Full time 90% report having full time contracts. (more than 35 hours)

Based on 20 employees

What do mechanics do?

Vehicle mechanics have the job of fixing vehicles in a garage.

Other names for vehicle mechanics are:

  • Mechanics
  • Car mechanics
  • Vehicle technicians
  • Light vehicle service technicians
  • MOT testers

This type of job may involve:

  • Repairing vehicles
  • Servicing vehicles and checking they work properly
  • Using specialist equipment
  • Estimating costs for any work that needs to be done
  • Working with the public

You might have to work on the weekend.

If you want to apply for a vehicle mechanic job, you might need the following:

You can train to be a vehicle mechanic on-the-job as a trainee.

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