How much do HGV and LGV drivers in Belfast get paid?

HGV and LGV drivers in Belfast earn

£10.54-18.79 per hour

Based on 15 employee reviews

HGV or LGV driver salaries can range between £10.54-18.79 per hour in the Belfast area. This data is based on quiz results from 15 employees who live in and around Belfast.

What do top employers pay HGV and LGV drivers?

Who are the top HGV or LGV driver employers?

  1. Air Products
  2. Freightliner
  3. Montgomery Transport

Who are the worst HGV or LGV driver employers?

  1. Bibby Distribution
  2. Pollock (Scotrans)
  3. DX

How are people paid?

by the hour
an annual salary

Based on 15 employees

What do HGV and LGV drivers do?

Heavy goods vehicles (HGV) drivers have the job of driving large loads of goods from A to B.

Other names for HGV drivers are:

  • Large goods vehicle (LGV) drivers
  • Lorry drivers
  • 7.5 tonne drivers

This type of job may involve:

  • Driving and delivering things to specific locations
  • Ensuring goods are safely secured in the vehicle
  • Loading and unloading goods
  • Keeping to a travel schedule
  • Completing paperwork

You may be driving long distances, and might have to travel overnight.

If you want to apply for a HGV driver job, you might need the following:

For more information about HGV drivers, read our guide to the best lorry driving companies to work for.

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