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How much do fabricators and welders in Birmingham get paid?

Fabricators and welders in Birmingham earn

£8.84–18.00 per hour

Based on 11 employee reviews

Fabricators and welder salaries can range between £8.84–18.00 per hour in the Birmingham area. This data is based on survey results from 11 employees who live in an around Birmingham.

What do top employers pay fabricators and welders?

Who are the worst fabricators and welder employers?

  1. Euro Car Parts
  2. Fablink
  3. Hendry Hydraulic Cylinders

Recent fabricators and welder vacancies in Birmingham

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What contracts are people on?

Full time 91% report having full time contracts (more than 35 hours)

Based on 11 employees

How are people paid?

By the hour 100% of people report they get paid by the hour

Based on 11 employees

What do fabricators and welders employees do?

Fabricators and welders have the job of using metal to make new structures or fix things.

You may work on construction sites or on oil rigs.

Other names for fabricators and welders are:

  • Welder fabricators
  • Pipe welders
  • MIG welders
  • TIG welders
  • Arc welders

This type of job might involve:

  • Using specialist equipment to cut, shape and fix metal
  • Following engineering plans
  • Putting up and taking down metal structures
  • Testing that metal has been welded correctly
  • Using metal to fix machines
  • Helping build bridges and other metal structures
  • Using specialist computer programmes

You may have to work at height and in all types of weather.

If you want to apply for a fabricator or welder job, you might need the following:

You may be expected to have previous manufacturing or trade experience.

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