How much do emergency care assistants in Portsmouth get paid?

Emergency care assistants in Portsmouth earn

£8.16-12.30 per hour

Based on 12 employee reviews

Emergency care assistant salaries can range between £8.16-12.30 per hour in the Portsmouth area. This data is based on quiz results from 12 employees who live in and around Portsmouth.

What do top employers pay emergency care assistants?

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How are people paid?

An annual salary 100% of people report they get paid an annual salary.

Based on 12 employees

What do emergency care assistants do?

Emergency care assistants (ECAs) drive ambulances and support paramedics.

This type of job might involve:

  • Use specialist driving skills to reach emergencies quickly but safely
  • Be in contact with the emergency control centre
  • Use a defibrillator
  • Carry out emergency scene safety checks
  • Transfer patients in and out of ambulances
  • Take patients to hospital
  • Deliver first aid and treat minor injuries
  • Taking information from people at the emergency scene
  • Record patient information and transfer to other healthcare workers
  • Maintain ambulances, keeping them clean and making sure they’re fuelled up

If you want to apply for a emergency care assistant job, you might need the following:

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