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How much do claims technicians in Glasgow get paid?

Claims technicians in Glasgow earn

£9.79–15.38 per hour

Based on 13 employee reviews

Claims technician salaries can range between £9.79–15.38 per hour in the Glasgow area. This data is based on survey results from 13 employees who live in an around Glasgow.

What do top employers pay claims technicians?

Who are the worst claims technician employers?

  1. Davies Group
  2. Bupa
  3. Auxillis

How are people paid?

An annual salary 100% of people report they get paid an annual salary

Based on 14 employees

What do claims technicians employees do?

Insurance claims handlers have the job of working with customers who make insurance claims.

They can work in a contact centre or an office.

Other names for Insurance claims handlers are:

  • Claims handlers
  • Claims advisors
  • Claims agents

This type of job might involve:

  • Talking to customers on the phone
  • Taking down details relevant to the claim
  • Issuing forms and paperwork
  • Getting documents to support the claim (e.g. receipts)
  • Checking the claim against the insurance policy taken out
  • Paying out small claims
  • Giving advice to customers (e.g. explaining policy premiums)

As this job can be done from behind a desk, you’ll be sat down quite a bit.

If you want to apply for an insurance claims handler job, you might need the following:

  • Some GCSEs, a Level 2 or 3 certificate, or a relevant apprenticeship
  • Previous experience in customer service
  • Basic computer skills
  • Good maths skills (you might be asked to complete a maths test during the interview)
  • The right to work in the UK
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