How much do branch managers in Bradford get paid?

Branch managers in Bradford earn

£11.01-19.23 per hour

Based on 77 employee reviews

Branch manager salaries can range between £11.01-19.23 per hour in the Bradford area. This data is based on quiz results from 77 employees who live in and around Bradford.

What do top employers pay branch managers?

Who are the top branch manager employers?

  1. Santander
  2. HSBC
  3. Nationwide Building Society

Who are the worst branch manager employers?

  1. Max Spielmann
  2. Poundstretcher
  3. Lovisa

How are people paid?

An annual salary 90% of people report they get paid an annual salary.

Based on 77 employees

What contracts are people on?

13% report having zero hours contracts.
20% report having part time contracts. (16-35 hours)
67% report having full time contracts. (more than 35 hours)

Based on 30 employees

What do branch managers do?

Retail managers have the job of running a shop on a day-to-day basis.

They can work on the shop floor and in a shop office.

Other names for retail managers are:

  • Shop manager
  • Store manager
  • Branch manager
  • General manager

Some shops have assistant manager roles too. This can also be called a deputy general manager.

This type of job may involve similar tasks that retail supervisors do, along with:

  • Motivating the team to reach targets and setting customer service standards
  • Managing stock levels
  • Recruiting, interviewing and training new workers
  • Taking part in performance reviews
  • Managing budgets
  • Writing reports
  • Keeping on top of legal and health and safety requirements
  • Analysing and forecasting sales
  • Dealing with customer complaints and feedback
  • Organising promotions, displays and in-store events

You may be on your feet a lot. But any office-based tasks can be done sitting down.

You may have to work on weekends and bank holidays.

If you want to apply for a retail manager job, you might need the following:

  • Previous retail experience
  • Previous managerial experience may be expected
  • Basic computer skills
  • The right to work in the UK

Qualifications aren’t necessary but can help. These can include a relevant degree, a college diploma, an apprenticeship or a graduate training scheme.

Retail assistants and supervisors can also be promoted to retail managers.

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