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Best travel company jobs

Where are the best travel company jobs?

  1. Heathrow Airport

  2. Gatwick Airport

  3. Jet2

  4. P&O Ferries

  5. British Airways

  6. Associated British Ports

  7. easyJet


What can you do in travel companies?

Handy to know about travel companies

What contracts are people on?

88% report having full time contracts (more than 35 hours)

Based on 24 travel company employees

How often do people get paid?

95% of people report they get paid monthly

Based on 108 travel company employees

How much notice do people get of their shifts?

9% report getting one week notice or less
12% report getting two weeks notice
6% report getting three weeks notice
67% report getting four weeks notice or more
6% report having a fixed rota

Based on 106 travel company employees