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Receptionists have the job of being the first point of contact for many companies. This can either be in person, over the phone or by email.

They often work behind a reception desk in the following places:

  • An office
  • A doctor’s surgery
  • A hospital
  • A hotel
  • A fitness centre

Depending where the job is, receptionists can also be called:

  • Medical receptionists
  • Doctor’s receptionists

This type of job might involve:

  • Meeting and greeting visitors
  • Making sure any visitors have the correct visitor passes
  • Taking or directing visitors to specific locations
  • Organising meeting rooms and their schedules
  • Answering questions on the phone, on social media or email
  • Sorting out post and deliveries
  • Sorting out invoices
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Updating records
  • Taking payments

As this job can be done from behind a desk, you’ll be sat down quite a bit.

This is an entry level job.

If you want to apply for a receptionist job, you might need the following:

Where are the best receptionists jobs?

  1. 1 NHS
  2. 2 My Dentist
  3. 3 Premier Inn
  4. 4= Travelodge
  5. 4= IVC Evidensia
  6. 6 Whitbread

Handy to know about receptionists

How much do receptionists earn per hour?


From 332 receptionists

How often do people get paid?

Monthly 85% of people report they get paid monthly

Based on 367 receptionists

How are people paid?

by the hour
an annual salary

Based on 428 receptionists

What contracts are people on?

2% report having zero hours contracts
6% report having low hours contracts (less than 16 hours)
69% report having part time contracts (16-35 hours)
24% report having full time contracts (more than 35 hours)

Based on 322 receptionists

How much notice do people get of their shifts?

18% report getting one week notice or less
15% report getting two weeks notice
7% report getting three weeks notice
41% report getting four weeks notice or more
19% report having a fixed rota

Based on 361 receptionists

Who’s hiring receptionists?

  1. NHS

    13 recent jobs

  2. 5 recent jobs

  3. 5 recent jobs

  4. 3 recent jobs

  5. 3 recent jobs

  6. 2 recent jobs

  7. G4S

    2 recent jobs

  8. 2 recent jobs

  9. 2 recent jobs

  10. 2 recent jobs