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Social Impact Profit & Loss

Sunbury-on-thames, TW16


74 job reviews


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  • Less than 4 weeks notice of shifts

    How we know this

    • 15% report getting one week notice or less
    • 21% report getting two weeks notice
    • 41% report getting three weeks notice
    • 15% report getting four weeks notice or more
    • 8% report having a fixed rota

    Based on information from 73 job reviews

    Why this matters

    At a good job, you get plenty of notice about when you’re working.

    This makes it easy for you to plan the rest of life, as well as your finances, because you know how much you’ll be working and when.

Not great
  • Head office doesn’t understand the frontline

    How we know this

    29% of people think that this employer’s head office or owners have a good understanding of what’s really happening where they work

    Based on information from 65 job reviews

    Why this matters

    At a good job, the role of head office should be to support the people on the frontline serving customers.

    To do that properly, the company’s owners or head office need to have a good understanding of what’s really happening on the frontline. This is especially important when a company owns multiple locations.

  • People feel stressed

    How we know this

    57% of people say they often feel stressed at work

    Based on information from 72 job reviews

    Why this matters

    Work isn’t always easy, but if you’re frequently feel stressed, that’s not good.

    Your employer should support you with enough people and resources to get your job done without feeling overwhelmed.

  • Easy to change shifts

    How we know this

    55% of people report that it’s easy to change shifts if they need to

    Based on information from 58 job reviews

    Why this matters

    A good job is flexible around your personal life. It should be easy to change a shift if you need to, whether that’s in an emergency or for planning ahead.

  • Easy to take sick leave

    How we know this

    59% of people report that it’s easy to take time off if they are sick

    Based on information from 59 job reviews

  • Good choice of shifts

    How we know this

    54% report that their manager gives them enough choice over which shifts they work

    Based on information from 63 job reviews

    Why this matters

    A good job is flexible around your personal life. This means you get a say in when you prefer to work.

  • Enough training

    How we know this

    65% of people report they got enough training when they started working here

    Based on information from 69 job reviews

    Why this matters

    A good job should give you good training when you start, not just drop you in at the deep end.

    This means that you’ll be happier and more productive from day one and shows that your employer values you.

    It’s also very important if your job involves anything that could be dangerous. Good training from the outset keeps you and your team safe.

  • Good for parents

    How we know this

    63% of people who care for a child or other relative report this is a good place to work

    Based on information from 19 job reviews

    Why this matters

    Whether it’s looking after children or caring for a relative, a good job should support your responsibilities outside of work.

  • No short notice shift changes

    How we know this

    31% of people say their manager changes their shifts at the last minute

    Based on information from 71 job reviews

    Why this matters

    If your manager is often changing your shifts at short notice that’s a sign of poor planning. At a good job you won’t be messed around at the last minute.

  • People are paid enough to live on

    How we know this

    64% of people say they are paid at or above the Real Living Wage for where they live

    Based on information from 66 job reviews

    Why this matters

    Everyone should be paid enough to live on.

    The Real Living Wage is a voluntary rate employers can sign up to that is based on the real cost of living.

    The Real Living Wage is currently £9.50 per hour, and £10.85 per hour in London.

  • People are paid market rates

    How we know this

    65% of people are paid average or more than the typical pay for the type of work they do

    Based on information from 55 job reviews

    Why this matters

    Pay can vary a lot between types of job. Employers should be ensuring that the rates their staff are paid are in line with similar roles elsewhere.

  • Opportunities to progress

    How we know this

    In the last year, 55% of people report being given an opportunity to get better at their job, learn a new skill, learn to manage a team or get more responsibility in their role

    Based on information from 66 job reviews

    Why this matters

    A good job should help you progress at work, if you want to. That might be supporting you to get better at the job you currently have, learn something new, manage a team or take on more responsibilities.

    This means you’ll be able to build on your skills and experience, and earn more money.

  • People get proper breaks

    How we know this

    67% of people report that they get to take proper breaks

    Based on information from 60 job reviews

    Why this matters

    When you take a break it should be a proper rest. It should last the full duration and you shouldn’t get pulled off it.

  • People recommend their team

    How we know this

    62% of people report that they would recommend working with their immediate team to a friend

    Based on information from 74 job reviews

    Why this matters

    A good job means enjoying the place where you work.

    The people you work with every day really matter. They can be the difference between a terrible day and a great one.

    If you’d recommend your team to a friend, this shows that something’s going right.

  • People get sick pay

    How we know this

    67% of people say they would get paid if they were sick but scheduled to work

    Based on information from 69 job reviews

    Why this matters

    Everyone gets sick sometimes. You should be able to take time off without worrying.

    At a good job you should still get paid if you’re scheduled to work but can’t due to sickness. Your contract should say how many sick days you can take each year.

    This is more than the legal minimum, which says you should only get paid if you are unwell for 4 full days. See Citizens Advice for more details.

  • No unpaid extra work

    How we know this

    39% of people report that they do extra work that they don’t get paid for

    Based on information from 61 job reviews

    Why this matters

    Everyone should get paid for any extra work they do, even if it is outside your contracted hours. At a good job, you should be paid for all the time you spend at work.

  • Well informed about head office

    How we know this

    65% of people feel that they are kept well informed about how the company is doing as a whole

    Based on information from 68 job reviews

    Why this matters

    At a good job, there should be a supportive relationship between the people working on the frontline serving customers and the people who own the company or work in head office.

    You should be kept informed about how the company is doing as a whole, both in good times and when things get tough for the business.

  • Easy to book holiday

    How we know this

    83% of people report it’s easy to book holidays

    Based on information from 65 job reviews

    Why this matters

    A good job should let you take time off when you need it, and it shouldn’t be a nightmare to arrange.

  • Breaks are paid

    How we know this

    89% of people say they get paid breaks

    Based on information from 70 job reviews

    Why this matters

    A good job should have paid breaks.

    You should be paid for all your time at work, whether you’re on a break or not.

  • Good for students

    How we know this

    100% of students report this is a good place to work if you’re studying

    Based on information from 6 job reviews

    Why this matters

    A good job should allow you to fit work around important things in your life, like studying.

    Life isn’t just about work. Good jobs make space for you to do well in both.

  • Managers are respectful

    How we know this

    81% of people say they’re treated with respect by their managers

    Based on information from 64 job reviews

    Why this matters

    Everyone should get treated with respect by their managers. You shouldn’t feel discriminated against or bullied, and if you have a problem you should be able to speak to someone about it.

  • People don’t worry about getting enough hours

    How we know this

    24% of people report they worry about getting enough hours

    Based on information from 50 job reviews

    Why this matters

    At a good job, you shouldn’t have to worry about getting enough hours each week.

    A good job should guarantee you a minimum number of hours in a contract, if you want it.

    This makes it easier to plan your finances, because you know how much you’ll be earning.

What employees are saying about BP

  • Best thing

    Work from home, good pay, nice team, supportive managers,

    Worst thing

    Long hours, workloads that often exceeds those hours, no sickness pay, no insurance, no safety net, no redundancy payout and no promotion (was contracted now an NRE)


    Inventory control, April 2021

    • £30.00 per hour
    • 34–44 years old
  • Best thing

    The team

    Worst thing

    Poor management not passing on information which is detrimental to your job


    Employee, April 2021

    • £9.00 per hour
    • 55–64 years old
  • Best thing

    No home work

    Worst thing

    Pressure to work overtime


    Sales assistant, January 2021

    • £8.90 per hour
    • 25 or older
  • Best thing

    We work a rota 3 weeks on 4 weeks off, the time off is great

    Worst thing

    The weather and been away from friends and family


    Employee, April 2021

    • £80,000 per year, working a 90 hour week
    • 55–64 years old

Social Impact Profit & Loss, BP

Job Profile Summarybp recently announced its new sustainability aims – five to help us care for the planet and five to improve people’s lives. The aims include becoming water positive by 2035, supporting a just energy transition that advances human rights, developing enough clean energy to benefit over 36 million people, enhancing health and wellbeing for our people, communities and customers, and helping to build sustainable livelihoods for more than 1 million people. Taken alongside our netzero ambition and our financial frame, we believe our aims will help to show how profits and purpose can work together in service of delivering long-term sustainable value for all our stakeholders – investors, employees and society.This role will focus on accelerating bp’s ability to demonstrate the social impact and value of our people aims and our wider business activities through metrics, measurement and quanitification – both application of existing metrics methodologies and the development of new ones. They will develop ways to factor social impacts into more traditional concepts of financial profit and loss and help build these into company systems and decision making.The successful candidate will need to work across our business groups and closely with key teams including: environment and social practitioners, sustainable procurement, health, talent and skills-development, and digital innovation to drive ways to measure the impact of our people aims and demonstrate how these drive value for bp and society. In doing so, they will build the metrics and indicators to enable Strategy & Sustainability to provide expert advice, data and insights for bp leadership, business groups, integrators and enablers on the progress and impact of our people aims. The successful applicant will be a dynamic collaborator, able to operate across multiple businesses and adept at leading through influence. Be able to lead external engagement on social impact and valuation, and support agile working practices to advance the delivery of bp’s sustainability framework.Job AdvertDevelop / embrace qualitative and quantitative indicators, metrics and impact valuation methodologies to measure and demonstrate the impact of bp’s new sustainability aims, to show social profit and loss, and demonstrate the business value of our social sustainability proposition.Working with the social sustainability team, environmental and social practitioners, diversity and inclusion, group health, procurement and others, roll out these new measures, metrics and methodologies to better capture the impact of existing activities, the new aims and objectives, and craft new programmes to improve and capture positive social impact.Manage and analyse Company data for social sustainability to track progress, data visualisation, and feed into Company reporting and governance.Support development of social sustainability positions, policies and influence requirements to deliver the people aspects of the new sustainability aims and objectives.Design, develop and implement group-level programmes and partnerships on social sustainability, and lead selected stakeholder engagement on social sustainability.Provide experienced advice as needed for bp leadership, business groups, integrators and enablers.Education:Bachelors degree from a recognized university, ideally Masters-level qualifications, preferably in social science, geography, development, international relations, economics, environmental science or other scientific subject, or consumer marketing / research.Experience and skills:Validated ability to work with numbers and data, comfortable with statistics and building meaningful metrics.Extensive experience in social valuation / true cost methodologies, programme design and social impact creation.Strong stakeholder engagement and influencing skills, excellent written and verbal communication skills.Background in consultancy or experience working across large organisations to canvas input, build programmes and influence to build acceptance and agreement.Expertise in monitoring and evaluation of programmes.Expertise in: social impact investment, sustainable development, access to energy or sustainable livelihoods.Project management, programme design and commercial acumen.Understanding of agile work practices and experience leading squads.We are an equal opportunity employer and value diversity at our company. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, sex, gender, gender expression, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status. We will ensure that individuals with disabilities are provided reasonable accommodation to participate in the job application or interview process, to perform essential job functions, and to receive other benefits and privileges of employment. Please contact us to request accommodation.EntityStrategy & Sustainability Job Family GroupStrategic Planning & Business Development Group Relocation availableNoTravel requiredYes - up to 10% Time TypeFull time CountryUnited Kingdom About BPSTRATEGY & SUSTAINABILITYIf you’re a sustainability focused strategic thinker, this could be for you: The purpose of strategy & sustainability is to define a value-adding, sustainability-led strategic ‎direction for us to deliver on our ambition of reimagining energy for people and our planet. Working within S&S, you will be embedded in the centre of the organisation bringing together strategy, sustainability and ‎capital allocation into a group-wide framework and promoting ethics and compliance across the ‎organisation. Join us and help us achieve our purpose through:‎A modern, dynamic and collaborative approach to strategy, sustainability and capital allocation – ‎you will work with the businesses, finance and the broad organisation to support the ‎delivery of our ambition, our aims and our financial aspirations. Together we will help frame and make the ‎optimal trade-offs and choices for us.A lens on sustainability as a competitive advantage – you will drive sustainability to unleash new ‎business opportunities, growth and value to us.‎Proprietary bp insights – you will focus on developing a distinctive understanding of global ‎economics, energy markets, customer needs and competitors to support our businesses and ‎strategy.‎Proactive shaping of external policy – you will define where our company stands on matters of public policy – ‎in line with our aims – as well as how we can contribute to proactively shape the external ‎environment across regions.‎Strategic oversight of our carbon management activities – you will coordinate and drive progress ‎on our net zero ambition and aims.‎Effective ethics and compliance as a driver of organisational and business sustainability – you will ‎support our bp business groups and other entities in promoting an ethical culture and work ‎environment, and effective compliance risk management.‎Enabling our company and its businesses to achieve their goals – where our organisation holds expertise, we will ‎use it collaboratively and constructively.Experience LevelSeniorReq ID: 123769BR
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