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  • People are paid below market rates

    How we know this

    25% of people are paid average or more than the typical pay for the type of work they do

    Based on information from 231 job reviews

    Why this matters

    Pay can vary a lot between types of job. Employers should be ensuring that the rates their staff are paid are in line with similar roles elsewhere.

  • People feel stressed

    How we know this

    77% of people say they often feel stressed at work

    Based on information from 237 job reviews

    Why this matters

    Work isn’t always easy, but if you’re frequently feel stressed, that’s not good.

    Your employer should support you with enough people and resources to get your job done without feeling overwhelmed.

  • People are not paid enough to live on

    How we know this

    9% of people say they are paid at or above the Real Living Wage for where they live

    Based on information from 231 job reviews

    Why this matters

    Everyone should be paid enough to live on.

    The Real Living Wage is a voluntary rate employers can sign up to that is based on the real cost of living.

    The Real Living Wage is currently £9.50 per hour, and £10.85 per hour in London.

  • Breaks aren’t paid

    How we know this

    7% of people say they get paid breaks

    Based on information from 244 job reviews

    Why this matters

    A good job should have paid breaks.

    You should be paid for all your time at work, whether you’re on a break or not.

  • Less than 4 weeks notice of shifts

    How we know this

    • 86% report getting one week notice or less
    • 10% report getting two weeks notice
    • 1% report getting three weeks notice
    • 0% report getting four weeks notice or more
    • 2% report having a fixed rota

    Based on information from 254 job reviews

    Why this matters

    At a good job, you get plenty of notice about when you’re working.

    This makes it easy for you to plan the rest of life, as well as your finances, because you know how much you’ll be working and when.

  • People don’t get sick pay

    How we know this

    6% of people say they would get paid if they were sick but scheduled to work

    Based on information from 209 job reviews

    Why this matters

    Everyone gets sick sometimes. You should be able to take time off without worrying.

    At a good job you should still get paid if you’re scheduled to work but can’t due to sickness. Your contract should say how many sick days you can take each year.

    This is more than the legal minimum, which says you should only get paid if you are unwell for 4 full days. See Citizens Advice for more details.

  • Head office doesn’t understand the frontline

    How we know this

    22% of people think that this employer’s head office or owners have a good understanding of what’s really happening where they work

    Based on information from 219 job reviews

    Why this matters

    At a good job, the role of head office should be to support the people on the frontline serving customers.

    To do that properly, the company’s owners or head office need to have a good understanding of what’s really happening on the frontline. This is especially important when a company owns multiple locations.

Not great
  • People don’t recommend their team

    How we know this

    48% of people report that they would recommend working with their immediate team to a friend

    Based on information from 252 job reviews

    Why this matters

    A good job means enjoying the place where you work.

    The people you work with every day really matter. They can be the difference between a terrible day and a great one.

    If you’d recommend your team to a friend, this shows that something’s going right.

  • Shifts get changed at short notice

    How we know this

    58% of people say their manager changes their shifts at the last minute

    Based on information from 229 job reviews

    Why this matters

    If your manager is often changing your shifts at short notice that’s a sign of poor planning. At a good job you won’t be messed around at the last minute.

  • People don’t enjoy their job

    How we know this

    40% of people who enjoy their job

    Based on information from 35 job reviews

  • Uninformed about head office

    How we know this

    48% of people feel that they are kept well informed about how the company is doing as a whole

    Based on information from 223 job reviews

    Why this matters

    At a good job, there should be a supportive relationship between the people working on the frontline serving customers and the people who own the company or work in head office.

    You should be kept informed about how the company is doing as a whole, both in good times and when things get tough for the business.

  • Contracts don’t match the hours people work

    How we know this

    72% of people report working 8 hours or more than they’re contracted for each week

    Based on information from 218 job reviews

    Why this matters

    At a good job, you should expect to work about the same number of hours that your contract guarantees you, most of the time.

    It’s useful to pick up or drop a few shifts here and there, but if you often work a lot more hours every week than you’re contracted for, a good job should guarantee them.

    This means you’re more likely to know when you’ll be working and how much you’ll earn in advance.

  • Easy to take sick leave

    How we know this

    55% of people report that it’s easy to take time off if they are sick

    Based on information from 174 job reviews

  • Easy to book holiday

    How we know this

    61% of people report it’s easy to book holidays

    Based on information from 201 job reviews

    Why this matters

    A good job should let you take time off when you need it, and it shouldn’t be a nightmare to arrange.

  • People get proper breaks

    How we know this

    72% of people report that they get to take proper breaks

    Based on information from 201 job reviews

    Why this matters

    When you take a break it should be a proper rest. It should last the full duration and you shouldn’t get pulled off it.

  • Opportunities to progress

    How we know this

    In the last year, 57% of people report being given an opportunity to get better at their job, learn a new skill, learn to manage a team or get more responsibility in their role

    Based on information from 230 job reviews

    Why this matters

    A good job should help you progress at work, if you want to. That might be supporting you to get better at the job you currently have, learn something new, manage a team or take on more responsibilities.

    This means you’ll be able to build on your skills and experience, and earn more money.

  • Managers are respectful

    How we know this

    66% of people say they’re treated with respect by their managers

    Based on information from 214 job reviews

    Why this matters

    Everyone should get treated with respect by their managers. You shouldn’t feel discriminated against or bullied, and if you have a problem you should be able to speak to someone about it.

  • Enough training

    How we know this

    53% of people report they got enough training when they started working here

    Based on information from 229 job reviews

    Why this matters

    A good job should give you good training when you start, not just drop you in at the deep end.

    This means that you’ll be happier and more productive from day one and shows that your employer values you.

    It’s also very important if your job involves anything that could be dangerous. Good training from the outset keeps you and your team safe.

  • Good choice of shifts

    How we know this

    62% report that their manager gives them enough choice over which shifts they work

    Based on information from 239 job reviews

    Why this matters

    A good job is flexible around your personal life. This means you get a say in when you prefer to work.

  • Easy to change shifts

    How we know this

    51% of people report that it’s easy to change shifts if they need to

    Based on information from 178 job reviews

    Why this matters

    A good job is flexible around your personal life. It should be easy to change a shift if you need to, whether that’s in an emergency or for planning ahead.

  • Good for parents

    How we know this

    59% of people who care for a child or other relative report this is a good place to work

    Based on information from 22 job reviews

    Why this matters

    Whether it’s looking after children or caring for a relative, a good job should support your responsibilities outside of work.

  • People don’t worry about getting enough hours

    How we know this

    40% of people report they worry about getting enough hours

    Based on information from 243 job reviews

    Why this matters

    At a good job, you shouldn’t have to worry about getting enough hours each week.

    A good job should guarantee you a minimum number of hours in a contract, if you want it.

    This makes it easier to plan your finances, because you know how much you’ll be earning.

  • No unpaid extra work

    How we know this

    37% of people report that they do extra work that they don’t get paid for

    Based on information from 202 job reviews

    Why this matters

    Everyone should get paid for any extra work they do, even if it is outside your contracted hours. At a good job, you should be paid for all the time you spend at work.

  • Good for students

    How we know this

    82% of students report this is a good place to work if you’re studying

    Based on information from 122 job reviews

    Why this matters

    A good job should allow you to fit work around important things in your life, like studying.

    Life isn’t just about work. Good jobs make space for you to do well in both.

What employees are saying about KFC

  • Best thing

    It's constant so shifts tend to go by quickly

    Worst thing

    There's little to no team spirit
    A few people are left to pick up the slack/cover shifts resulting in 12-18 hour shifts in some ways.
    Payroll is a joke
    Were given the bare minimum of everything to be legal


    Employee, May 2021

    • £9.35 per hour
    • 34–44 years old
  • Best thing

    Good team work and good friendly employees everyone gets along well and people are very understanding of each other

    Worst thing

    High stress levels and not enough back up in those cases and unorganised management at time


    Employee, April 2021

    • £6.50 per hour
    • 18–20 years old
  • Best thing

    team members are friendly really nice people

    Worst thing

    shift runners are entitled and will make you feel useless, you will be shouted at, moaned at, some shift runners / mangers are nice but that’s the minority


    Employee, April 2021

    • £4.65 per hour
    • Under 18 years old
  • Best thing

    Very fun team to work with and lots of room for growth in the company.

    Worst thing

    Very stressful with little to no communication from head office about changes.


    Team member, December 2020

    • £5.70 per hour
    • Under 18 years old

Apprentice Team Member, KFC

Have you got what it takes to be the Colonel’s next apprentice?
But first…A warm southern WELCOME to Kentucky Fried Chicken. Our world-famous chicken restaurant brand all started with one cook, Colonel Harland Sanders, who created a finger lickin’ good recipe more than 75 years ago, a list of secret herbs and spices scratched out on the back of the door to his kitchen. He started travelling by car to different restaurants and cooked his fried chicken on the spot for restaurant owners. He did this at the age of 65. If the owner liked the chicken, they would enter into a handshake agreement to sell the Colonel’s chicken. Legend has it that Colonel Sanders heard 1009 “No’s” before he heard his first yes. The Colonel’s story still inspires us today. It reminds us how grit, perseverance, dedication and ambition along with hard work can create success; regardless of your age or where you come from.
Our purpose as an employer is to empower our people to find their own secret recipe in life too.

It’s our ‘other’ SECRET. The colonel has taught us that there is a Right Way to do things. It isn’t always easy, but it’s always better. We lead with the heart and we Care Hard about making our team members feel part of the family and have fun while we are at it. We’re a people business that happens to serve chicken and chips.
We Care Hard about you, your development and your journey with us. In return we’ll ask you to roll up your sleeves, get stuck in and treat our guests as family. It’s what the colonel would do.

We promise to create a work environment where you can feel part of the Colonel’s family, a place where you can:

Be Your Best Self: Learn and grow through on the job training. The Colonel’s Apprenticeship programme and other education & career opportunities.

Make a Difference: We encourage our teams to run great restaurants as if you own it, you’re empowered to make a difference for our guests every day;

Have Fun: We celebrate and recognise each other for achievements (big and small) and have fun while we’re at it. A heartfelt thank you means a lot.

Free staff meals
25% staff discount
Career progression
Education development through to degree level
Potential bonus earnings for performance
Flexible shifts

Graduates of the Level 2 Hospitality Team Member Apprenticeship will learn all about the Hospitality Industry, grow in confidence and gain a nationally recognised qualification, all without compromising your salary. You will earn good money while you learn.
The apprenticeship is a structured learner & employer focused development programme designed to create opportunities for lifelong knowledge, skills and behaviours within the hospitality industry. Your training will be delivered every 4-6 weeks either via face-to-face visits in restaurant, remotely over telephone or via Skype preparing you for your End Point assessment.
With the right attitude, Team Members can carve out a steady career with the brand progressing to Team Leader through to Restaurant General Manager with the potential to progress to Head Office opportunities.

As a Team Member you will be a brand ambassador, wearing the ‘swag’ with pride while channelling some authentic Sothern Hospitality charm.
Your daily duties will include:
Teamwork - the ‘not-so’ secret to success is teamwork. Happy teams deliver the very best customer service that our guests deserve. Each day you will be your teammates wing man or woman, get stuck in, and live our people promise of being our Best Self, making a Difference and having Fun.
Hospitality & service - often the 1st point of contact; we’d expect you to welcome our guests with a genuine warmth, and southern hospitality smile, ensuring they’re served our world-famous chicken in line with KFC’s high brand standard. You will also be responsible for order accuracy guaranteeing our guests get the products they have chosen…even right down to the dips. Our guests are our family and we never want to disappoint them.
It’s not too hot to handle - its fast, it’s fun and it all goes down in the middle of the house. You’ll be ‘rocking out’ cooking our skin-on-fries, hash and popcorn or whipping up our burgers, wraps sides and salads…all the while keeping the equipment areas clean, tidy & topped up in line with Health & Food safety procedures.
The heart of the kitchen - the Cook has great responsibility. It’s the big daddy of a role and it’s not for everyone. We know this. It’s hot and it takes some grit, but we’d argue it is the most rewarding. You will be responsible for hand preparing and cooking our world-famous chicken to the highest gold standard ensuring it meets our guests’ (& yours) finger lickin’ good expectations. We may not change lives, but we may feed those that do.

We believe in valuing people for their potential, so no experience necessary, we’ll coach you what you need to know. It’s our thing. All we need is someone who lives The Colonel’s Values and genuinely cares about making a difference that people can feel:

We always strive to be as open, honest and responsible as possible. Trust and respect are of paramount importance in everything we do including the way we treat our colleagues and our guests.

SOUTHERN HOSPITALITY Where we come from there’s a saying: “There are no strangers. Only friends we haven’t yet met.” So our doors are always open to everyone, and our table always has a spare seat. That’s why we make buckets to share. We are as warm and welcoming as the Colonel was.

Feel free to bring your real authentic self to work. We embrace individuality and diversity. We come from Kentucky, and we’re founded by Colonel Harland Sanders. A real place, and a real person. Our food stays true to our roots, and to the founding principles that we’re built on. So what you see is what you get. Namely authentic Kentucky Fried Chicken.

We have courage and conviction in our beliefs. If we make mistakes – we’re only human after all – we learn from them. Look at the Colonel – he was a pioneer and innovator. He never wavered when things got tough, and neither do we. We can strive for greatness, and be bold, brave and not afraid to ruffle

We don’t do things by halves at KFC. Our chicken is freshly hand-breaded all day every day. There’s an easier way to make fried chicken of course, but easy isn’t what we’re after. We’re after the best tasting chicken, every single time. It’s the right way to make it Finger Lickin’ Good. We work hard and we care hard about people too.

Greed doesn’t have any place at KFC. Hunger perhaps, but never greed. From generous helpings of fried chicken, to generous donations to our local communities, we believe that you get back what you give out. Our guests and team must always feel appreciated, and the communities we work in need to always feel that we add value by being there.
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