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Assistant Manager


About Greggs

Greggs is a bakery chain. They serve sweet and savoury baked goods.

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Job description from Greggs

Role: Greggs Assistant ManagerLocation: Stretford, M32 9TRHours: Full Time Contract / PermanentHourly Rate: £11.40 per hourBonus Scheme: Quarterly Bonus Incentive!Company: Asda ExpressWe are looking for a dedicated Assistant Manager who can lead, inspire and motivate a team to join our welcoming Greggs bakery team! Our Retail Assistant Managers are responsible fo...


Manchester, Greater Manchester, M1, United Kingdom

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What employees say


    Needs improving
  • Head office doesn’t understand what’s happening

    Do assistant managers think Greggs head office understands what's happening where they work?

    Most people think head office doesn’t understand what’s happening where they work.

    How we know this

    90% of people think that this employer’s head office or owners don’t have a good understanding of what’s really happening where they work.

    Based on data from 10 people who took the Breakroom Quiz between July 2020 and July 2022.

    Why this matters

    At a good job, the role of head office should be to support the people on the frontline serving customers.

    To do that properly, the company’s owners or head office need to have a good understanding of what’s really happening on the frontline. This is especially important when a company owns multiple locations.

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What Greggs employees say about their job

  • Best thing

    The friendships, some of the customers

    Worst thing

    the other half of the customers, disrespect from other members of staff


    Greggs Employee, March 2024

  • Best thing

    50% discount

    Worst thing

    Always busy
    No piercings/lashes/nails


    Greggs Team member, March 2024

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  • Best thing

    Work banter

    Worst thing

    Rude customers
    Small atmosphere
    Messy most of the time


    Greggs Team member, February 2024

  • Best thing

    Cheap food

    Worst thing

    Standing for long hours
    Dealing with rude customers


    Greggs Team member, January 2024

  • Best thing

    co-workers, paid weekly, regular routine, discount

    Worst thing

    rude customers, not paid enough, head office keep adding more tasks but no pay rise, no sick pay, upper management sometimes dismissive and rude, some staff get away with doing bare minimum and not doing their jobs


    Greggs Team member, December 2023

  • Best thing

    Being well trusted to run my own store and support other store

    Worst thing

    The high expectations and stress


    Greggs Shop manager, October 2023

  • Best thing

    More money for the contracted hours

    Worst thing

    Last min changes to the Rota, more curtain side work then boxes and poor Rota.


    Greggs HGV driver, October 2023

  • Best thing

    Choosing your own shifts and fast paced, day goes quickly. Pay is good too

    Worst thing

    Pressure on profit controls. Never have enough labour to get the job done and it gets tighter and tighter every year. To the point where you end up working through your breaks or skipping tasks that you consider important food safety tasks. Managers are very tired people, because of this, so days off are spent recovering rather than a day of pleasure. Also when you reach shop manager its very hard to progress to any other role.


    Greggs Shop manager, January 2023

  • Best thing

    The Discount, making friends with co-workers, holiday hour pay is based on average worked hours not base pay so can get more money

    Worst thing

    Upper management are neglectful and expect store managers and staff to pick up after them, not paid enough to deal with the amount of rude customers, can not stick up for yourself from nasty customers- greggs company rules, breaks are too short to get anything done, 5:30/6am starts and 18:00/19:00 finishes, all day management shifts, senior team members (management below supervisors and managers) expected to know everything supervisors and managers know and the same responsability but only get paid 10p more than team members. No makeup other than natural, Piercings are banned, even if covered with blue plasters, cannot talk about company experiences online as can recieve warnings/disaplinares. Terrible at hiring new people and expecting staff to get on with 10x as much work on same pay. Company no longer do a yearly bonus. Not paid enough for the workload and physical training. Very hard to get new uniform, worn through shoes very fast and have to pay to replace every 6 months. Company keeps adding more daily rules and tasks for staffs to do but no pay increase. No other company benefits and no sick pay


    Greggs Employee, February 2022

  • Best thing

    • you get 50% off the price for greggs branded food but 25% off for other bits like the drinks and crisps.
    • The staff members and management are friendly and easy to work with

    Worst thing

    • Everyone knows everyone in the company so word of mouth from one to another always flys around
    • we are often understaffed with a lot of pressure to perform well and complete different tasks
    • Breakfast time is always busy and you can be serving sometimes for 2-3 hours straight with no time for a break in between
    • customers are often rude and feel entitled (but you are allowed by company rules to refuse service to anyone)


    Greggs Team member, February 2022

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