Do you get paid breaks in your current job?

If you like to work with your hands, a manufacturing job could be a good fit for you. Manufacturing is a good choice for anyone with a trade-based skill set, as well as being an option for people looking for entry level work.

Manufacturing is really wide-ranging - in the UK we produce everything from cars to crisps! And factory work can really vary depending on the industry. We can’t (yet) tell you about everything involved in jobs on a factory’s production line. But we do know which manufacturers have good jobs and which don’t!

We’ll also cover:

We’ll rank the manufacturing companies from who’s earned the best Breakroom Rating to the worst.

Breakroom Ratings are a fair measure of whether a job is good or bad, based on what employees have told us about their jobs in our job comparison survey.

We have loads of manufacturers reviewed on Breakroom, so we’ve kept this list a manageable length to read by only including the top 10 companies as rated on Breakroom.

The top 10 manufacturers to work for

  1. 1 Collins Aerospace
  2. 2 Essity
  3. 3 Rolls-Royce
  4. 4= BAE Systems
  5. 4= Hitachi
  6. 4= GSK
  7. 7= Unilever
  8. 7= Airbus
  9. 9= Procter and Gamble
  10. 9= Saint Gobain

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