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Delivery jobs in Birmingham: where’s the best place to work?

Do you work in a delivery job in Birmingham? Or are you interested to know what working as a delivery driver is like?

Experiences shared from delivery workers

From couriers in Hockley to lorry drivers in Handsworth, delivery workers from Birmingham have shared what working for a delivery company is really like.

The Breakroom Rating

From this, each delivery company has a Breakroom Rating out of 10. These are here if you’re looking for information on a particular company, want to get an overall idea what working for these companies is like or fancy having a deep-dive in Birmingham delivery companies.

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What is the Breakroom Rating based on?

  • Pay
  • Hours and shifts
  • Training
  • Benefits
  • And much more

People on Breakroom have delivery jobs like:

  • Local delivery drivers
  • Package delivery drivers
  • Couriers

The best delivery companies to work for in Birmingham

As rated by real delivery workers in Birmingham.

  1. 1=


    Breakroom Rating based on 107 job reviews

    What is this?
    • People don’t worry about getting enough hours

    • Most people find it hard to change shifts

      Not great

    Best thing

    Regular work

    Hgv c + e, May 2020

    Worst thing

    The office

    Hgv driver, June 2020

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  2. 1=

    Royal Mail

    Breakroom Rating based on 330 job reviews

    What is this?
    • Most people feel treated with respect by their managers

    • Most people find it hard to change shifts

      Not great

    Best thing

    Fresh air keeps you fit

    Postman, August 2020

    Worst thing

    Rain and wind

    Postperson, December 2019

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    about jobs at Royal Mail

  3. 3


    Breakroom Rating based on 172 job reviews

    What is this?
    • Most people find it easy to change shifts

    • Most people don’t get 4 weeks notice of when they’re working

      Not great

    Best thing


    Delivery partner, April 2020

    Worst thing

    Boring and physically demanding

    Warehouse associate, September 2020

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  4. 4


    Breakroom Rating based on 29 job reviews

    What is this?
    • No. People don’t do unpaid extra work

    • Most people don’t get 4 weeks notice of when they’re working

      Not great

    Best thing

    Getting out and meeting different people

    C&d driver, March 2020

    Worst thing

    Management have no respect for employees

    Linehaul driver, March 2020

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    about jobs at DPD

  5. 5


    Breakroom Rating based on 18 job reviews

    What is this?
    • Most people don’t feel stressed here

    • No. People don’t get proper sick pay


    Best thing

    Meeting new people

    Driver, March 2020

    Worst thing

    Often left to cope with staffing issues, no cover if a co worker is on holiday or sick

    Backshift Traffic Clerk, March 2020

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  6. 6


    Breakroom Rating based on 14 job reviews

    What is this?
    • Managers don’t change people’s shifts at short notice

    • No. People don’t get paid breaks


    Best thing

    Losing weight, good team

    Worst thing

    Pay, can be somewhat unorganised at times

    Depot operative, September 2020

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  7. 7


    Breakroom Rating based on 27 job reviews

    What is this?
    • Rarely. Most people don’t do unpaid extra work

    • People don’t get 4 weeks notice of when they’re working


    Best thing

    Good hours

    Courier, December 2019

    Worst thing

    not starting early enough

    courier, March 2020

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    about jobs at Hermes

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