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Are you a delivery driver looking for a new role, or interested in becoming one? We’ve ranked companies that hire delivery drivers from best to worst, based on the real experiences of people who work for them.

Why do you want to be a delivery driver: freedom and flexibility

Delivery driver jobs are well suited to anyone who likes a flexible workload and being out on the road.

There are options to work directly for a company, or go self employed and pick up jobs as-and-when they suit your schedule.

It's important to know that some companies provide vehicles, whilst you'll need to drive your own to work for others.

To get started, you'll need a clean driver's licence. If you'd like to drive vehicles beyond a certain size (3.5 tonnes), you'll need to have a specialist drivers licence.

We’re going to touch on the most important things to learn when starting out as a delivery driver:

The Breakroom rating given to each company comes from pay, hours, benefits and how happy workers are in their jobs. This can help you narrow down which place would be a best fit for you. We've rated these from best to worst.

And if you’re already working in the industry, join Breakroom to find out how your job compares.

The top 10 delivery companies to work for in the UK

  1. 1 Freightliner
  2. 2= Best Food Logistics
  3. 2= Lenham Storage
  4. 4= Bidfood
  5. 4= DB Cargo UK
  6. 6 Martin Brower
  7. 7= Whirlpool
  8. 7= Ocado
  9. 9= IPL
  10. 9= Arla Foods
  11. 9= DFDS
  12. 9= Company Shop

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