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‘Helping people. Putting a smile on people's face. Knowing that you are making a difference.'

This is what a care worker recently shared on Breakroom as the best thing about their job.

Care work has been under the spotlight this year, with recent discussions around underfunding and safety due to COVID-19.

However, for many people, care work is the ideal job for them.

Helping others, as well as being practical and sociable, is right at the heart of care work.

For some, vocational work like this is important for job satisfaction.

The need for care workers, particularly for adults, is also increasing. So the demand for care workers is bigger than ever. This means there are more and more job opportunities if you want to work in care.

Want to learn more about care work? Here’s what we’ll be covering:

We’ve looked at which care companies have been rated best by real care workers.

To make this list more manageable to read, we’ll be focusing on what care workers have told us about their employers.

But, jobs in care companies don’t stop here. There are also plenty of job opportunities in care companies that aren’t care worker roles. We’ll be talking about these a little later on.

The top 10 best care companies to work for

  1. 1 Marie Curie
  2. 2 Belfast Trust
  3. 2 Framework
  4. 2 Capability Scotland
  5. 5 Greensleeves Care
  6. 5 Nurseplus
  7. 7 Virgin Care
  8. 7 Abbeyfield
  9. 9 Aspire Living
  10. 9 Housing 21
  11. 9 Coverage Care
  12. 9 City Health Care Partnership

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