Virgin Active

Virgin Active is a gym and health club chain.

Based on responses from 8 employees at Virgin Active.

How Virgin Active ranks

Virgin Active ranks last to work for out of gym and leisure centres.

  1. 8 Bannatyne
  2. 9 Fusion Lifestyle
  3. 10 Virgin Active

Rankings are based on Breakroom ratings for employers with 5 or more quiz responses, accurate as of 21 May, 2022.

Virgin Active job reviews

  • Best thing

    People I work with.
    Being able to have treatments done.

    Worst thing

    Management not looking out for us.
    Rude customers.
    Having to do multiple jobs at once, treatments, payments, bookings, cleaning.


    Virgin Active Employee, February 2022

  • Best thing

    Free membership
    Few (very few) regular nice customers

    Worst thing

    Rudeness from customers for the smallest things. (Threatening you daily min). Anyone above you even just as them being there longer bullying those below. No care when comes to employees health. No sick pay and if want a day off sick get punished for it even if hospital stay. Holiday is a nightmare to book as never say you’ve got it at all and even if given them two to three months notice and no one else booked that day still schedule you for that day then you get punished. Had a out disciplinary left and right for smallest things. Breaks aren’t paid for and are to small. By law have to have a 15 minute break to eat and relax before heading back to pool side. They don’t give have to go upstairs to clean the gym for an hour no breaks and if they catch you having a small break as tiered get told off. If you call support for anything first aide or a customer trying to attack you. It’s you fault. If you get sick or feel unwell, how could you or prevented that even if it’s a sickness bug. The smallest complaint from a customer even if it’s you’ve had a bad day and look ever so slightly moody they have to drag you into a one to one even if the complaints higher up and worse. Most facilities are falling apart or broken all the time. No support when need it but ask you every day do you want it but when you say yes get nothing. No care for mental health or how you feel. Even if you go by the book and go by the rules of the club you will be the one to get told off is the customer isn’t happy with them or breaks them after you’ve told them multiple times. Continuously changing there minds on the rules changing them weekly or to fit which ever customer pays the most or is higher up.


    Virgin Active Employee, February 2022

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