University Of Exeter

University Of Exeter is a public research university.

Based on responses from 10 employees at University Of Exeter.

  • People recommend their team

    Do people at University Of Exeter recommend working with their team?

    Most people recommend working with their team

    How we know this

    50% of people report that they would recommend working with their immediate team to a friend

    Based on information from 10 job reviews

    Why this matters

    A good job means enjoying the place where you work.

    The people you work with every day really matter. They can be the difference between a terrible day and a great one.

    If you’d recommend your team to a friend, this shows that something’s going right.

  • Easy to book holiday

    How easy is it to book a holiday at University Of Exeter?

    People find it easy to book holidays

    How we know this

    80% of people report it’s easy to book holidays

    Based on information from 10 job reviews

    Why this matters

    A good job should let you take time off when you need it, and it shouldn’t be a nightmare to arrange.

  • People get sick pay

    Do University Of Exeter pay sick pay?

    Yes. People get proper sick pay

    How we know this

    80% of people say they would get paid if they were sick but scheduled to work

    Based on information from 10 job reviews

    Why this matters

    Everyone gets sick sometimes. You should be able to take time off without worrying.

    At a good job you should still get paid if you’re scheduled to work but can’t due to sickness. Your contract should say how many sick days you can take each year.

    This is more than the legal minimum, which says you should only get paid if you are unwell for 4 full days. See Citizens Advice for more details.

University Of Exeter job reviews

  • Best thing

    The hours (8-4, Monday-Friday)
    It’s easy

    Worst thing

    It’s very boring
    Unsure about progression
    Doesn’t pay well


    University Of Exeter Employee, March 2021

  • Best thing

    Money holidays sickpay

    Worst thing

    Hard work certain times of the year


    University Of Exeter Employee, March 2021

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Handy to know

How are people paid?

by the hour
an annual salary

Based on 10 University Of Exeter employees

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