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They care about what their frontline employees think and want to be a good employer.


Trust-Care is a Scottish agency for social care jobs. They also provide social care training.

Rating based on 8 employees who took the Breakroom Quiz

How Trust-Care ranks

Trust-Care ranks joint 9th to work for out of temping and recruitment agencies.

  1. 9= Manpower
  2. 9= Trust-Care
  3. 11 Gi Group

Rankings are based on Breakroom Ratings for employers with 5 or more Breakroom Quiz responses, accurate as of 15 June 2024.

Trust-Care job reviews

  • Best thing

    The office team are very friendly and support us workers. I feel super valued and appreciated.

    Worst thing

    Not much, all seems positive.


    Trust-Care Care worker, August 2023

  • Best thing

    Rewarding, knowing I make a difference to people's lives

    Worst thing

    Shift pattern and length of hours on shift (12hr shifts)


    Trust-Care Care assistant, January 2021