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TNT job reviews

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  • Best thing

    Team mates

    Worst thing

    Continuing to change things


    TNT Customer service assistant, March 2021

  • Best thing

    Once out on the road, I'm left to my own initiative

    Worst thing



    TNT Driver, February 2021

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  • Best thing


    Worst thing

    Hours. Mgt style. Lack of communication.


    TNT Driver, January 2021

  • Best thing

    Helps me stay fit and great meeting new people everyday

    Worst thing

    Can sometimes be hard work with too many deliveries


    TNT Pud driver, October 2020

  • Best thing

    The hours work for me around my childcare.
    My supervisor is a decent person

    Worst thing

    Being understaffed, not being given the correct contract for the job I have been doing for two years.


    TNT Backshift clerk, October 2020

  • Best thing

    Set hours
    Weekends off
    Paid weekly

    Worst thing

    Higher workload due to cuts and no extra staff being hired.
    Having to sign disclosures saying we would agree to pay £250 per lost item or face contract termination if we refuse to sign it and can’t retrieve lost item.
    No real breaks.


    TNT Courier, October 2020

  • Best thing

    Warehouse staff and drivers look out for each other and are friendly and welcoming

    Worst thing

    Bullying & harassment from management.
    Made to feel pressured to work through lunch breaks and stay behind after hours to complete work.
    No equal rights for women, very male dominated atmosphere.
    Employees purposely pushed out and mental health affected when they try to speak up about issues


    TNT Secretary, August 2020

  • Best thing

    driving and meeting people

    Worst thing



    TNT C and d driver, August 2020

  • Best thing

    Working on my own solving problems in time dependant situations

    Worst thing

    Last minute changes of schedule


    TNT Driver, August 2020

  • Best thing

    Meeting new people

    Worst thing

    Asked last minute to help other drivers


    TNT Driver, March 2020

  • Best thing

    The Hours For around my childcare needs

    Worst thing

    Often left to cope with staffing issues, no cover if a co worker is on holiday or sick


    TNT Backshift Traffic Clerk, March 2020

  • Worst thing

    Short break
    We have a start time and no set finish time


    TNT LBO, March 2020

  • Worst thing

    Ageing fleet and rubbish trailers that should be scrapped. Subbies and otherss not defecting trailers. Total disregard for safety when it comes to loading or other practices. Bullying culture when reporting issues.


    TNT C+E driver, March 2020