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tmactive operates leisure facilities. They are a not-for-profit organisation.

Rating based on 5 employees who took the Breakroom Quiz

How Tmactive ranks

Tmactive ranks joint 15th to work for out of gym and leisure centres.

  1. 15= The Wave
  2. 15= Tmactive
  3. 15= Halo Leisure

Rankings are based on Breakroom Ratings for employers with 5 or more Breakroom Quiz responses, accurate as of 22 February 2024.

Tmactive job reviews

  • Best thing

    Free gym membership
    People you work with some are really good and can have a laugh

    Worst thing

    Cleaning and deep cleaning
    Everything falls on you
    You are blames for everything


    Tmactive Fitness instructor, February 2023

  • Best thing

    Shift work gives you weekdays off. Socialable. Free gym membership

    Worst thing

    Lates and early starts. Lots of weekends


    Tmactive Receptionist, August 2022