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The Range

Breakroom Rating based on 21 job reviews

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The Range ranks joint 28th in retailers

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    The Range

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What’s it like on the frontline at The Range?

  • Most people don’t do unpaid extra work

  • Only some people recommend working with their team

    Not great
  • People don’t get proper sick pay


Featured The Range job reviews

  • 7.8/10

    Best thing

    I have set shifts which don't change often

    Worst thing

    minimum wage

    Retail assistant, July 2020
  • 2.1/10

    Best thing

    The Warehouse Manager is a good bloke to work for and always fair.

    Worst thing

    The Health And Safety is terrible in the warehouse and the yard anybody could walk in and do what they want easy access the management team ask to much of us there used to be 4 of us in the warehouse now there is only 2 so some days your in there on your own which I thought was illegal and nobody bothers checking up on you we're doing the work of 3 to 4 men some days lifting more weight then we should do and they ask us to work on shopfloor as well when we're busy doing our own jobs don't get proper breaks because we're to busy the warehouse gets so full sometimes with pallets that we struggle to get out so fire exits get blocked and walkways all round it's just a bad place to work for and unsafe none have the original staff have stuck it because the place has made them I'll.

    Warehouse assistant, June 2020