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Care workers and assistants

Superior Healthcare


4 vacancies in the UK

What do people say about working as a care workers and assistants at Superior Healthcare?

  • Best thing

    Get to choose where and when I work
    Coordinators are friendly and helpful
    Good pay

    Worst thing

    Sometimes they are rude when you call in sick
    No sick pay
    Not very helpful for career progression, not very communicative about training


    Superior Healthcare Employee, October 2021

  • Best thing

    Job satisfaction

    Worst thing

    Not working as a team and working in my own


    Superior Healthcare Employee, September 2021

  • Best thing

    Pay and environment

    Worst thing

    Last minute rota changes
    Called in short notice to cover


    Superior Healthcare Healthcare assistant, February 2020

What do other people say about working at Superior Healthcare?

  • Best thing

    Being able to choose when I want to work . Friendly families.

    Worst thing

    Working at night as miss some social gatherings


    Superior Healthcare Employee, August 2021

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