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Stonegate Pubs is a pub and entertainment venue operator. They run Slug and Lettuce, Walkabout and some nightclubs.

Do Stonegate Pubs pay breaks?

No. Most people don’t get paid breaks at Stonegate Pubs.

Pubs and Bars who pay breaks include Cosy Club, Inception Group and Beannchor.

Last updated 13 April 2024

How we know this

Based on data from 125 people who took the Breakroom Quiz between October 2023 and April 2024.

91% of people say they don’t get paid breaks.

Why this matters

A good job should have paid breaks.

You should be paid for all your time at work, whether you’re on a break or not.

Which pubs and bars pay breaks?

Jobs at Stonegate Pubs

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Jobs where breaks are paid

What people are saying about sick pay at Stonegate Pubs

  • Best thing

    Social environment with a lot of people the same age.

    Worst thing

    Lack of structured breaks and miss informed information by the managers


    Stonegate Pubs Team leader, April 2023

  • Best thing

    It's quiet midweek during the dead hours

    Worst thing

    Lack of staff, unpaid overtime, clueless heirachy, lack of benefits, low pay, no breaks.


    Stonegate Pubs Kitchen manager, March 2023

  • Best thing

    I'm lucky with the manager at my site. She is fantastic and really flexible. This isn't always the case in pubs (especially Stonegate). The manager really pushes you to improve with different courses and will always give you chances to improve. You make so many friends around this job, and when you're struggling, people help you (on-site).

    Worst thing

    Mainly head office. They don't seem to be aware of the pressure in the house which causes most of the stress in the workplace. The manager is always placed under pressure for staffing, saying we have too much, but we only have two people in the bar and one in the kitchen on busy nights. The manager is forced to work around 60/70 hours a week to upkeep rota expectations. Unpaid breaks and customers can be rude. If staff are a no-show, cover can be difficult and working made harder. Lack of communication between head office and the booking service used will overbook the pub for the commission not thinking of the people "at the bottom".


    Stonegate Pubs Team member, December 2022

  • Best thing

    My manager is a nice person and tried hard to be accommodating but its made difficult by the constant pressure she's under to cut labour. The people employed are good people generally and we work well together as a team.

    Worst thing

    Covering shifts at the last minute with no additional pay and being made to feel guilty if you don't cover the shift of someone else for legitimate reasons. Being expected to cover shifts out of goodwill. Working 9 or more days in a row at a time if someone does get ill because there aren't enough staff employed to cover. Getting too many or not enough hours, it's either 60 hours or 15 and some consistency would be appreciated. Being objectified by male regular customers. Being spoken to as if I'm stupid because a customer has misunderstood the pricing printed out on the incredibly convoluted menu. High pressure, no time for breaks and if you take a break it's unpaid - don't get a staff meal, only get a reduced price for food. Not enough staff on at any point leaving me to do the work of two people most of the time. Minimum wage considering how much is expected of us is honestly atrocious and there's no incentive plan in place to even console you for being worked to the bone for the legal minimum they HAVE to pay their employees. Not enough training given, very much a learn on the job kind of work environment. Managerial staff bitch about members of staff who are underperforming which is unprofessional and creates division among staff.


    Stonegate Pubs Bar staff, October 2022

  • Best thing

    Fair workplace, good shifts, friendly team

    Worst thing

    unpaid breaks, short breaks on long work hours, staff spread words about you


    Stonegate Pubs Employee, September 2022

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