Stateside Foods

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Stateside Foods makes pizzas that are sold in supermarkets and food shops.

Stateside Foods job reviews

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  • Best thing

    Going home when the shift finishes

    Worst thing

    Managers are absolute dossers treat their staff with little to no respect at all take no consideration into anybody’s personal issues if they’re off sick for mental health reasons will still be disciplined regardless


    Stateside Foods Machine operator, April 2024

  • Best thing

    Going home

    Worst thing

    Every part of the job mostly managers and teamleaders


    Stateside Foods Machine operator, May 2023

  • Best thing

    Changing every day,team

    Worst thing

    Working nights, staff retention, work load


    Stateside Foods Employee, December 2022

  • Worst thing

    Company doesn’t care about staff at all


    Stateside Foods Machine operator, October 2022