What’s the staff discount at Starbucks?

People report getting a 30% staff discount at Starbucks.

Last updated 3 July 2022

How we know this

Based on 13 job reviews from people who work at Starbucks.

What people are saying about staff discount at Starbucks

  • Free drinks 30 min before shift, 30 min after shift and on breaks
    30% off when off work, or on merch, coffee and bottled drinks
    Free bag of coffee each week
    Access to perks at work
    And an employee support program

    Employee, March 2022

    • £10.35 per hour
    • 34–44 years old
  • 3 free drinks when working, can be any drink, 30% off food when working and 30% off food when not working and drinks. free bag of coffee once a week and 30% off merchandise

    Employee, December 2021

    • £6.56 per hour
    • Under 18 years old

Which cafés give a staff discount

  1. Greggs Gives staff discount
  2. Starbucks Gives staff discount
  3. Costa Coffee Gives staff discount
  4. Cooplands Gives staff discount
  5. Tim Hortons Gives staff discount