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St Helens Council are a local authority. They oversee local services.

St Helens Council job reviews

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  • Best thing

    Hours fit around school

    Worst thing

    Very fast pace


    St Helens Council Kitchen assistant, May 2022

  • Best thing

    It fits around my child’s time table

    Worst thing

    Stress, not feeling valued, cliques, not being listened to.


    St Helens Council Employee, August 2021

  • Best thing

    It’s not difficult

    Worst thing

    Poor pay


    St Helens Council Caretaker, March 2021

  • Best thing

    Having a job

    Worst thing

    Management decisions


    St Helens Council Community support worker, January 2021

  • Best thing

    Its an easy job.

    Worst thing

    The communication with other members of staff


    St Helens Council Caretaker, October 2020