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Spar is a Dutch franchise company that manages independently run convenience stores. Spar stores can be found internationally and in the UK.

Spar ranks 6th in convenience stores

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    One Stop


What’s it like on the frontline at Spar?

  • Most people get paid breaks

  • Most managers don’t change people’s shifts at short notice

  • People don’t get proper sick pay


Featured Spar job reviews

  • 5.5/10

    Best thing

    Working with people I like

    Worst thing

    Having to do an 8 hour shift with only a 20 min break. Suffering painful feet because I have to stand long periods of time at a till

    Customer assistant, August 2020
  • 3.7/10

    Best thing

    My colleagues make work enjoyable,

    Worst thing

    My manager constantly messages me even on my days off about work, there’s no escape from her, her texts are quite often very rude and abrupt. She also doesn’t appreciate the hard work my colleagues and I out in but does praise the ones who do very little

    General assistant, July 2020