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Smith and Western is a restaurant and hotel company. They serve American-style food.

Smith and Western job reviews

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  • Best thing

    i work with some fun people. i like the atmosphere of the restaurant and the uniform hat, lol. customers are happy to be there so i rarely have problems with them. i also get free food on my breaks, which is good food.

    Worst thing

    A blasé culture where people aren't very sympathetic. If i want to make enough to live on I have to work 10, 11 hour days. The schedule is messy, chauvinistic "jokes" are constant. They constantly hire more staff than they need. Because of this, they currently cannot fit me in 5 days a week. Its minimum wage, but we're not "unskilled" we have to be able to make cocktails to a high standard, and things need to be fast, which I think warrants higher pay. Our breaks are unpaid. The bar and kitchen are supposed to get a percentage of the tips but we rarely see that money.


    Smith and Western Bartender, August 2022