Slug & Lettuce

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Slug & Lettuce is a bar chain. They serve cocktails, dinner, lunch, brunch and afternoon tea.

Slug & Lettuce job reviews

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  • Best thing

    The people I work with

    Worst thing

    Being left to close the kitchen on my own


    Slug & Lettuce Chef, November 2022

  • Best thing

    Meeting new people and my team

    Worst thing

    Unstable hours and poor rota management


    Slug & Lettuce Bar staff, August 2022

  • Best thing

    The people I work with

    Worst thing

    The customers


    Slug & Lettuce Bartender, June 2022

  • Worst thing

    Always understaffed.
    Don't always get a break.
    Long hours on minimum wage.


    Slug & Lettuce Team leader, June 2022

  • Best thing

    The team, the positive interactions with customers, working on bar

    Worst thing

    The dangers of being around intoxicated people, cleaning up after close, unsociable hours


    Slug & Lettuce Bar staff, February 2022

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  • Best thing

    The people

    Worst thing

    The stress and expectations from costumers


    Slug & Lettuce Front of House Team Member, March 2020