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Russell's Food and Drink is a convenience store company.

Russell's Food and Drink job reviews

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  • Best thing

    It's easy to change shifts when required

    Worst thing

    Innumerable. Head office staff are universally hated. Senior staff in the store I worked in have bullied me, opened investigations into me on pretences they knew were false, punished me for doing things right and being helpful, threatened me with my job, and actively, knowingly caused me such severe anxiety that I've had to take weeks off work. Head office fully supports them in their endeavours. Action was taken against me when I attempted to file a formal grievance. The management ethos is textbook fascism. I felt under pressure every time I set foot in the store, and was made to feel that minor things, such as taking a two-minute smoke break, were fireable offences. Every sales assistant with whom I worked loathed the way the shop was being run and the way they were treated. I left due to a campaign of harassment where I wasn't being punished for things I did wrong, I was being punished for things I didn't even do.


    Russell's Food and Drink Sales assistant, January 2023

  • Best thing

    I like who k work with and sometimes extra hrs above my contract and alwas rall if I'm not happy about any thing

    Worst thing

    Others getting more hrs than me being trained on things I want to be trained feal leftousometimes won't trained me on the bake and boss sometimes says weird reason why I don't get trained in some things boss can be annoying some times mostly put on tills


    Russell's Food and Drink Shop assistant, April 2022