RMBI (Royal Masonic Benevolent Institution) is a care provider for older Freemasons, their families and people in the wider community.

The RMBI job reviews

  • Best thing

    Getting to know the residents we look after. Becoming a part of their lives, like family.

    Worst thing

    Having to say goodbye when they pass away.


    The RMBI Employee, April 2022

  • Best thing

    The residents and colleagues are fantastic people and give me joy when working with them

    Worst thing

    Not being treated with respect and dignity. Not being heard when I have a problem. Feeling like a number or just a pair of hands


    The RMBI Employee, July 2021

  • Best thing

    It’s like being at home just love to care for the elderly

    Worst thing

    Long 13 hr shifts but only once a week


    The RMBI Support worker, July 2020

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