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Pret A Manger

Breakroom Rating based on 134 job reviews

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Pret A Manger ranks 2nd in cafes

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    Pret A Manger

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    Costa Coffee


What’s it like on the frontline at Pret A Manger?

  • Most people recommend working with their team

  • People don’t worry about getting enough hours

  • Most people don’t get proper sick pay

    Not great

Featured Pret A Manger job reviews

  • 8.9/10

    Best thing

    The people

    Worst thing

    Early starts and the rush

    Team member, June 2020
  • 8.4/10

    Best thing

    The perks, the company being very people driven and not all about profits, we can treat our customers to things on the house and the company is ethical. Not only this but it’s great to work with the people.

    Worst thing

    Can be understaffed and very busy

    Barista, April 2020