Pladis is a snack and confectionary manufacturer. Their brands include McVitie’s, Godiva, Jacob’s and Flipz.

Based on responses from 8 employees at Pladis.

How Pladis ranks

Pladis ranks 25th to work for out of food and drink producers.

  1. 24 Foxs Biscuits
  2. 25 Pladis
  3. 26= Dale Farm

Rankings are based on Breakroom ratings for employers with 5 or more quiz responses, accurate as of 21 May, 2022.

Pladis job reviews

  • Best thing

    Great management team. Global company. Good communication. Pension scheme. No stress. Great pay.

    Worst thing

    People with poor work ethics get away with not putting in the effort.


    Pladis Employee, February 2021

  • Best thing

    Time off

    Worst thing

    Standing For excessive hours


    Pladis Employee, October 2021

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