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PD Ports

7 job reviews

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Overview of PD Ports

PD Ports is a shipping and logistics company, operating at 13 locations nationwide in the UK, connecting cargo with key global markets.

Featured job reviews

  • 4.6/10

    Best thing

    Weekends off

    Worst thing

    Planning is rubbish, never know when u finish work, no overtime payed at extra pay.

    Hgv 1 driver, March 2020

PD Ports hours and contracts

  • People find it easy to book holidays

  • People find it easy to take sick leave

  • Most people get enough choice over which shifts they work


PD Ports team and workplace

  • People think their workplace is safe

  • Most people get enough training when they start

  • Most people are given support to progress here


PD Ports ranks joint 17th to work for in logistics companies

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  2. 17=

    PD Ports