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Owens Group is a transport and warehousing company.


Owens Group job reviews

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  • Best thing

    Can’t think of any

    Worst thing

    People paid different salaries for the same job.
    People do very little whilst others do a lot.
    Language used is disgusting.
    Staff get moaned about when they take holiday or are on a day off as if they should be in work 24/7.
    Blame culture.
    Lack of training.
    Minimal holiday allowance.
    Basic pension scheme.
    Not enough staff so you feel forced to work extra shifts on their days off.


    Owens Group Employee, May 2023

  • Best thing

    Work with a good bunch of people

    Worst thing

    There is not enough respect for the job we do. The company only thinks about the money they are making and not the employee


    Owens Group Admin, January 2023

  • Worst thing

    Don’t really get breaks
    Under alit if pressure


    Owens Group Home delivery driver, November 2022