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New Look

Breakroom Rating based on 49 job reviews

What is this?

New Look is a UK mens and womens fashion retailer that operates internationally. They have over 500 stores in the UK and operate online. Their UK head office is in Weymouth.

New Look ranks joint 12th in fashion retailers

  1. 11


  2. 12=

    New Look

  3. 12=

    TK Maxx


What’s it like on the frontline at New Look?

  • Most people feel treated with respect by their managers

  • People don’t do unpaid extra work

  • Most people find it hard to change shifts

    Not great

Featured New Look job reviews

  • 4.9/10

    Best thing

    Flexible hours and flexible holiday allowances

    Worst thing

    Poor hours, no career prospects

    Sales advisor, December 2019
  • 3.1/10

    Best thing

    Training in VM, staff discount, colleagues of the same level

    Worst thing

    Unpredictable hours, hard time to change shifts, lot of pressure and

    Sales assistant, September 2019