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Nando’s ranks 1st in restaurants

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What’s it like on the frontline at Nando’s?

  • Most people get enough choice over which shifts they work

  • Most managers don’t change people’s shifts at short notice

  • Most people feel stressed here

    Not great

Featured Nando’s job reviews

  • 6.6/10

    Best thing

    I can take as much breaks as i want until my job is completely done by the time it has to be done.

    Worst thing

    Noone respects the managers. The whole team is too loose.

    Cleaner, March 2020
  • 4.2/10

    Best thing

    Food allowance

    Worst thing

    Hours are unsocialable (they should pay is unsocialable hours pay)
    Always having to work weekends and evenings
    Managers dont know what they're doing
    When the restaurant is busy managers could do more
    Sometimes they're isnt enough staff on to cope with the demand
    How customers speak to staff because they are having to wait a bit longer for food when its packed

    Griller and front of house, January 2020