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Mrs Buckét provides commercial cleaning services.

Mrs Buckét job reviews

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  • Best thing

    Overtime is mostly available

    Worst thing

    No communication
    Ridiculous hours
    No proper breaks
    Inadequate training
    Not many benefits
    No sick pay
    Put on call on occasion but not paid unless called out
    Can’t plan anything as rotas only sent couple days in advance


    Mrs Buckét Employee, October 2023

  • Best thing

    Van, fuel card. Meeting new people each day and making a difference to standards in our customers sites.

    Worst thing

    Travel in between sites of up to an hour or more is not paid. We are made to sit at the roadside miles from home to wait for the next job to begin. Our rota’s are given to us two days before the working week. Forced into doing overtime and continued pressure to be on call even when you’re not in work and not getting paid for it. No respect for staffs time and are too tight to pay the minimum wage for our up to 3 hours of travel time per day. Makes us work 10-13 hour days and only get paid for 8.


    Mrs Buckét Employee, June 2022