Miss Macaroon

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Miss Macaroon is a patisserie shop in Birmingham.


Miss Macaroon job reviews

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  • Best thing

    It doesn't get too busy most of the time

    Worst thing

    Minimum wage
    Having to run the whole store alone most of the time
    Sometimes your shift starts/ends at opening or closing times and you have to arrive early to open or stay late to finish closing tasks as you're the only person on shift.
    There's expectations of doing work outside of working hours: for example answering email training questions (you miss out on 'points' or even lose them if you don't send the answers within a certain timeframe even if you're not on shift in that timeframe) and emailing team meeting notes.
    Training is a google slides powerpoint.


    Miss Macaroon Retail assistant, June 2023

  • Best thing

    Shorter shifts, great team of people, shifts fitted around my schedule

    Worst thing

    Often working alone so can be isolating, some of management can be a bit out of touch, minimum wage


    Miss Macaroon Retail assistant, April 2023

  • Best thing

    Independent work most shifts- builds confidence
    Friendly colleagues
    Positive constructive feedback

    Worst thing

    Minimum wage- colleagues doing the exact same job get paid differently due to the age bands for minimum wage
    Only scheduled until the exact closing time so you have to start closing up while still being open for customers


    Miss Macaroon Retail assistant, January 2023