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Minerva Hearing manufacture and supply ear protection products. These include specialist headphones, ear plugs, and ear monitors. They also provide ear wax removal services.


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Minerva Hearing job reviews

  • Best thing

    Don't work weekends or Bank Holidays

    Worst thing

    Lack of communication from management, poor training and poor health and safety


    Minerva Hearing Production operative, September 2023

  • Best thing

    Most of the people I work with are decent people who always help each other out and can be a good laugh.

    Worst thing

    Equipment not properly maintained and always breaking. Nothing ever gets done when you report anything to management, not enough staff most of the time, management who have never done the work we do, or even know how to do it or how long it takes constantly pushing us to do more, very poor or not enough training, bad health and safety issues.


    Minerva Hearing Production operative, June 2022