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Do Milton Keynes Council pay sick pay?

Yes. People get proper sick pay at Milton Keynes Council.

Public Sector Bodies who pay sick pay include Fire Service, Student Loans Company and Perth And Kinross Council.

Last updated 14 January, 2022

How we know this

Based on 10 job reviews from people who work at Milton Keynes Council.

90% of people say they would get paid if they were sick but scheduled to work

Why this matters

Everyone gets sick sometimes. You should be able to take time off without worrying.

At a good job you should still get paid if you’re scheduled to work but can’t due to sickness. Your contract should say how many sick days you can take each year.

This is more than the legal minimum, which says you should only get paid if you are unwell for 4 full days. See Citizens Advice for more details.

Which public sector bodies pay sick pay?

  1. Fire Service People get sick pay
  2. Student Loans Company People get sick pay
  3. Perth And Kinross Council People get sick pay
  4. Gwynedd Council People get sick pay
  5. Citizens Advice People get sick pay
  6. Newcastle City Council People get sick pay
  7. Ministry of Defence People get sick pay
  8. Argyll And Bute Council People get sick pay
  9. West Dunbartonshire Council People get sick pay
  10. Royal Air Force People get sick pay