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Miller & Carter Steakhouse

9 job reviews

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Overview of Miller & Carter Steakhouse

Miller & Carter Steakhouse Restaurants are a UK restaurant chain. They have over 100 locations across England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Their head office is in Birmingham.


Miller & Carter Steakhouse pays £6.85–9.56 per hour

Featured job reviews

  • 3.7/10

    Best thing

    Good pay, good tips and good hours

    Worst thing

    Don’t get sufficient breaks, put under far too much stress, never have enough staff in

    Waitress, March 2020

Miller & Carter Steakhouse shifts and hours

  • This employer mostly uses part time and full time contracts

  • Only some people work the same number of hours they’re contracted for

    Not great
  • Most people worry about getting enough hours

    Not great
  • People don’t get 4 weeks notice of when they’re working

  • Most managers don’t change people’s shifts at short notice

  • Most people get enough choice over which shifts they work

  • Most people find it hard to change shifts

    Not great

Miller & Carter Steakhouse benefits

  • People find it easy to book holidays


Miller & Carter Steakhouse teams and managers

  • Most people feel stressed here

    Not great
  • Only some people recommend working with their team

    Not great
  • Most people feel treated with respect by their managers

  • Most people get enough training when they start

  • Most people are given support to progress here

  • Most people feel well informed about how the company is doing

  • People think head office doesn’t understand what’s happening where they work


Miller & Carter Steakhouse ranks joint 12th to work for in restaurants

  1. 12=
  2. 12=

    Miller & Carter Steakhouse

  3. 14