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McDonald’s is a fast food restaurant chain. They serve American-style fast food.

Do McDonald’s pay breaks?

No. Most people don’t get paid breaks at McDonald’s.

Fast Food Restaurants who pay breaks include Simpsons, Five Guys and Greggs.

Last updated 26 January 2023

How we know this

Based on 985 job reviews from people who work at McDonald’s.

94% of people say they don’t get paid breaks.

Why this matters

A good job should have paid breaks.

You should be paid for all your time at work, whether you’re on a break or not.

Which fast food restaurants pay breaks?

Jobs at McDonald’s

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Jobs where breaks are paid

What people are saying about sick pay at McDonald’s

  • Best thing

    Can interact with people

    Worst thing

    Not getting paid for breaks


    McDonald’s Crew member, January 2023

  • Best thing

    only the fact it's the highest paying job for an under 18

    Worst thing

    managers, non-paid breaks, unappreciated despite doing more work than most mangers


    McDonald’s Crew member, January 2023

  • Best thing

    The friendships and free food on break

    Worst thing

    The breaks being on time


    McDonald’s Crew member, November 2022

  • Best thing

    The other crew members, you can have a good laugh with them

    Worst thing

    Management and breaks and always short staffed and expect us all too do more than we actually can


    McDonald’s Crew member, November 2022

  • Best thing

    It’s very flexible and can be fun. It is never repetitive if you are scheduled to work on different stations often. Good pay for students.

    Worst thing

    Extremely stressful and varied hours if you do not have a Minimum Hours contract. Unpaid breaks.


    McDonald’s Crew member, October 2022

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