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How much does Marie Curie pay care workers and assistants per hour?

Β£10.28–12.45 from 5 care workers and assistants at Marie Curie

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  • Best thing

    Chose when to work
    Can cancel the shift on the day

    Worst thing

    Not getting paid for day time stuff like receiving a call from manager, or sorting out laptop when phoning IT, reading emails in daytime, phone the patient family before the visit. NONE of this is paid.


    Community HCA, January 2021

    • Β£11.86 per hour
    • 25 or older
    • 1–3 years experience
  • Best thing

    Lone working at night

    Worst thing

    Keeping up with policies and procedure changes


    Community HCA, November 2020

    • Β£12.85 per hour
    • 25 or older
    • More than 3 years experience

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It doesn't look like Marie Curie are currently hiring.

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