Do Kwik Fit pay breaks?

No. Most people don’t get paid breaks at Kwik Fit.

Last updated 15 August 2022

How we know this

Based on 65 job reviews from people who work at Kwik Fit.

85% of people say they don’t get paid breaks.

Why this matters

A good job should have paid breaks.

You should be paid for all your time at work, whether you’re on a break or not.

What people are saying about sick pay at Kwik Fit

  • Best thing

    Generally most things to be fair. I don’t hate going to work or anything like that. It just can be stressful at times.

    Worst thing

    No lunch breaks for management. HR have been contacted but don’t really care. I’m pretty sure this is illegal. The pay split between a manager and mot tester is only a couple of grand but they get lunch breaks, guaranteed 2 days off a week, get paid over time, finish early everyday…….


    Kwik Fit Employee, October 2021

  • Best thing

    fairly laid back and job itself is busy but easy.

    Worst thing

    No breaks for management and have to work untold hours for free.


    Kwik Fit Manager, March 2021