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KFC is a fast food restaurant chain. They serve American-style fast food, specialising in fried chicken.


Do KFC pay breaks?

No. Most people don’t get paid breaks at KFC.

Fast Food Restaurants who pay breaks include Wetherby Whaler, Five Guys and Itsu.

Last updated 14 April 2024

How we know this

Based on data from 183 people who took the Breakroom Quiz between October 2023 and April 2024.

90% of people say they don’t get paid breaks.

Why this matters

A good job should have paid breaks.

You should be paid for all your time at work, whether you’re on a break or not.

Which fast food restaurants pay breaks?

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Jobs where breaks are paid

What people are saying about sick pay at KFC

  • Best thing

    Free meal on shift.

    Worst thing

    No paid breaks, virtually no training, managers don’t speak to you and shout at other staff members


    KFC Team member, April 2024

  • Best thing

    some coworkers are lovely. some being the key word.

    Worst thing

    This job has literally caused my body to deteriorate. When I started in January 2022, I had no general pains or aches other than the usual hip pain which was rare anyway. In May 2023, I have been diagnosed with plantar fasciitis, due to the awful shoes I have to wear (asked if I could wear my ergo trainers with a non-slip cover to help, was told no.) My hip pain is back, and my hip actually throws out now, I still have to work on it. I have general joint pain and when expressing this to management they don't care. They have tried to limit my bathroom breaks to under 1 per shift, (shifts are often 7-9 hours.) I am in the progress of getting diagnosed for IBS and fibromyalgia, management are looking a doctors note that'll set me back £30-70. Which is a large divet out of my already tiny paycheck. It doesn't help that the reasoning my manager had for this was "to protect himself." Not to secure accommodations. To protect himself legally. Which felt like a punch in the face, but anyway. Co-workers are VERY happy to talk about you if they're in middle and you're in front on your own. Manager came out to clean while I had 10 orders on the go and they made a remark about how he was 'doing my job.' I told him that the comment was uncalled for and mentioned it to the shift runner. Was not given an apology. To sum it up, if you have chronic pain already, AVOID THIS JOB AT ALL COSTS. It's not worth the 'good wage.'


    KFC Team member, May 2023

  • Best thing

    I get good hours based on my difficult uni hours it is convenient I can work late shifts and all day long shift where I can to help make up my hours the free food is also a plus.

    Worst thing

    Unfair pay I am 19 on £7 an hour over 21s doing the same job are on £9+ and breaks aren’t paid for


    KFC Team member, April 2023

  • Best thing

    the team

    Worst thing

    the customers and unpaid breaks


    KFC Team member, April 2023

  • Best thing

    The flexibility is great, but this ultimately depends on how successful at your role. If you are successful then time away is difficult. The reward is stress.

    Worst thing

    Stress, out of hours work. Unpaid breaks, working over hours. Recognition, upper management (line managers)


    KFC Assistant manager, March 2023

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