Kamsons Pharmacy

Kamsons Pharmacy operate pharmacies across England.


Kamsons Pharmacy job reviews

  • Best thing

    The team are nice and helping the patients is rewarding

    Worst thing

    No sick pay, no pay rise this year despite the company purchasing a load of new stores, low pay for a role you legally need qualifications for, little power to stop abuse from patients, pay deductions for being 5 mins late but no extra pay if you work an extra 5 mins, no option for career progression unless middle manage like you personally.


    Kamsons Pharmacy Employee, June 2021

  • Worst thing

    Senior management don’t care if the staff live or die, just as long as they are cheap


    Kamsons Pharmacy Employee, February 2021

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  • Best thing

    Pay for the job I do and Customer satisfaction


    Kamsons Pharmacy Employee, January 2021