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Home Bargains

Breakroom Rating based on 54 job reviews

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Home Bargains is a UK-based discount store, who have over 500 stores. Their Head Office is based in Liverpool.

Home Bargains ranks joint 17th in retailers

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    Home Bargains

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What’s it like on the frontline at Home Bargains?

  • People don’t worry about getting enough hours

  • Most people feel treated with respect by their managers

  • Most people don't get enough choice over which shifts they work

    Not great

Featured Home Bargains job reviews

  • 3.8/10

    Best thing

    Bonuses if we hit targets and the fact having supervisor on my CV at 20 looks good.

    Worst thing

    Hours aren’t the best, corporate don’t give a rats arse about us, staff are hit or miss, take a lot of flack and don’t get enough in return for it

    Supervisor, June 2020
  • 7.6/10

    Best thing

    The team I work with

    Worst thing

    Not worth progressing

    Sales assistant, June 2020